Stimulator Calibration & Maintenance

Ensure precise light output.   

All Diagnosys stimulators require calibration or maintenance to perform at their best.

ISCEV has published guidelines for calibration because LEDs degrade with temperature and usage.

Calibration can be done either on site as a field service visit or at Diagnosys, pricing and availability may vary.

Please fill out the form below to request a calibration service.



Routine calibration of LEDs and Xenons is required to maintain testing integrity.


ColorFlash or ColorBurst

Routine calibration of LEDs is required to maintain testing integrity.

Flash STim
Pattern Stim

Celeris Stimulators

We recommend calibrating full-field stimulators on an annual basis; pattern stimulators do not require calibration, but we offer a cleaning service.

  • Check your Celeris User Guide for details