Research Accessories

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D325   Ruby Red Filter



D239   Platinum Needle Electrode

Platinum Needle Electrode


D394   Red LED Cap

Red LED Cap-1

Lab Cradle Accessories


D200   Gold Wire Electrode

1mm, 2mm, 3mm, or 5mm loop sizes



D198   Electrode Ball Assembly, D200 included


Celeris Accessories


D436   Isoflurane Nose Cone

Isoflourine Nose Cone


D362   Celeris Travel Case

Celeris Travel Case with TSA Lock


14993   Celeris Stimulator Case

Celeris Stimulator Case


D233   Rabbit ERG Jet Electrodes

ERG Jet Electrodes


D365   Celeris Spare Accessory Kit

Celeris Spare Accessory Kit